Keynote Sessions

All participants will get access to two live keynote presentations on February 04 and March 04, 2022. The recordings of the sessions will be available after the conference. The opening keynote will be at 10:00 AM (EST) and the closing keynote will be at 3:30 PM (EST).

February Keynote Presentation


Keynote Title


with Caryn Ward and Correy Watkins

What implementation strategies and methods are needed to ensure effective use of evidence-based practices with integrity to address the academic and social-emotional learning needs of our students? How do we ensure these implementation strategies are relevant, feasible, and impactful for our different contexts? This session will introduce why effective implementation strategies are needed and share how active implementation strategies can be used to answer these questions through the use of case examples and data stories.


Participants in this session will learn
  • articulate why implementation science is needed for supporting the use of evidence based practices
  • make connections between current methods and active implementation strategies
  • identify an active implementation strategy and/or tool to support implementation of evidence based practices
March Keynote Presentation


Beyond performing “equity”: How Do We Really Center Equity in our MTSS Implementation?


with Seena Skelton

In this address Dr. Seena M. Skelton discusses how some “equity” work can be performative, often masking the real work that is required to bring about authentic transformative change towards educational equity.  Dr. Skelton describes key practices educators can engage to truly center equity in their implementation of MTSS.

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