A sneak peak into this years overall conference theme and the wonderful people who will set the stage

Keynote Sessions

All participants will get access to two live keynote presentations on February 02 and March 02, 2023. The recordings of the sessions will be available after the conference. The opening keynote will be at 10:00 AM (EST) and the closing keynote will be at 3:30 PM (EST).

Ms. Christine Baeta

Investing in You: Being Inspiring, Innovative and Resilient

A thought about our current reality post pandemic - we can't do what we always did. Self-care is critical in this time of educating our youth. What are the necessary conditions and actions needed for teachers and leaders to thrive? You invest so much in your students; how are you investing in you? Learn about conditions and actions to be inspiring, innovative and resilient.

Dr. W. David Tilly

Dr. W. David Tilly is the former Director of Innovation and Accountability for Heartland Area Education Agency (AEA) 11.  Prior to joining Heartland AEA, Dr. Tilly was a consultant for assessment, research and innovation at the Iowa Department of Education.  In that role, he worked statewide to implement changes in the educational system throughout Iowa. 
Of particular note was his work with Iowa’s practices and procedures that are the foundational components of a RTI/MTSS approach to services.

David is a school psychologist by training.  He has worked as a practicing psychologist, a University trainer at Iowa State University, a state department of education consultant and an administrator. He is an award-winning educator, the author or coauthor of 31 published journal articles, book chapters or books, and a tireless advocate for improving outcomes for all students.