A sneak peak into this years overall conference theme and the wonderful people who will set the stage

Keynote Sessions

All participants will get access to two live keynote presentations on February 02 and March 02, 2023. The recordings of the sessions will be available after the conference. The opening keynote will be at 10:00 AM (EST) and the closing keynote will be at 3:30 PM (EST).

Ms. Christine Baeta

Investing in You: Being Inspiring, Innovative and Resilient

A thought about our current reality post pandemic - we can't do what we always did. Self-care is critical in this time of educating our youth. What are the necessary conditions and actions needed for teachers and leaders to thrive? You invest so much in your students; how are you investing in you? Learn about conditions and actions to be inspiring, innovative and resilient.

Dr. W. David Tilly

Creating Coherence, Persistence and Resilience in MTSS:  “Big Ideas” to Apply Every Day

Effective implementation of MTSS requires application of a small set of “Big Ideas” to the teaching and learning process.  These ideas are the same no matter which level of the system you work at – from individual students all the way through State Departments of Education.  What differs is the how the ideas are applied at each level to build continuously-improving systems.  In essence, it is this “Russian Doll” application which helps create coherence within Education systems.

When people at different levels of the system are using the same continuous improvement logic, effectiveness is amplified due to the synergy created (a major component of coherence). This presentation will 1. Identify the “Big Ideas” and provide some examples; 2.  briefly chronicle the persistence and resilience of Education Systems over the past 30+ years at implementing these MTSS “Big Ideas; and 3. participants will be invited to examine how the ideas might improve their practice AND practice within their system.  All this will be delivered with a good dose of humility and “lessons” from the school of hard knocks.