We are the Innovations in Education Conference Committee

Our History

Innovations began as a conference “For Doers, By Doers.”


The “doing” in this case referred to implementing Response to Intervention (RtI) concepts. At its inception, RtI was focused on the individual student and that student’s response to instruction and intervention.

The advent of universal screening, influenced our ability to efficiently identify students, and their needs. It created the opportunity to think more systemically about our instructional delivery systems and to apply RtI concepts across the educational cascade.


This application is what is known today as a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS).


It is a framework for addressing the needs of each and every student through the use of universal screening, leadership teams, data-both student and implementation data for decision making, evidence based instructional practices that are organized across multiple tiers-universal for all students, secondary intervention for some students, and intensive supports for few students.

Our Presenters & Attendees 

Learn directly from people who are implementing MTSS.

Our attendees range from those with the longest-standing experience implementing RtI/MTSS in practice to those just starting their implementation learning.


For MTSS to be successful a coherent plan must be developed.  Implementers need a common language, common understanding to ensure consistent knowledge, skills and understanding are developed.


Providing opportunities to network and learn from colleagues (doers) has led to relentless persistence in building the capacity, will and skill for coherent implementation of MTSS.


Education is challenging; resilience is a must.  The Innovations Conference provides a space to refresh and recharge for the coherence and persistence needed to systemically implement MTSS.

Our Ultimate Goal

Support the collective learning of all who participate

Every educator’s experience is a valuable part of that goal. Thank you for your interest and commitment to all children.

We wish you well in your efforts to implement MTSS! 

The Innovations Conference Planning Committee,

Judy Elliott, Margie McGlinchey, Dawn Miller, Pam Radford, and Stephanie Stollar