Michelle Dunn and Cheryl McGee Presenting Breakout Session 09

 Supporting Student Wellness: Integrating Mental Health into MTSS


In this session, participants will explore the importance of mental health and social emotional learning within a multi-tiered system of support (MTSS). The session will examine the current reality of student and adult mental health in schools and communities and ways in which an integrated system addresses academic, behavior, and social emotional skill, setting both students and teachers up for success. The importance of creating a system that attends to the well being of both adults and students will be discussed, and examples of effective systems across multiple states will be shared. Participants will be engaged in a collaborative participant experience which fosters the sharing of ideas that will assist in aligning mental health initiatives for building resilient students.

Participants in This Session Will Learn
  • To examine examples of strong and effective integrated systems of support that have been developed across multiple states and districts. 
  • To engage in discussions to build understanding how teaming structures can assist in development of effective student support and build resilience.
  • To examine how adult SEL and wellbeing can and should be a critical component to their MTSS.
  • To reflect on facilitators and barriers to MTSS implementation and begin to envision a strategic plan to engage those barriers.
  • To apply essential components to effective integration of mental health and social emotional supports in their MTSS.
 Best People for This Session
  •  District and Site Administrators
  • School Counselors
  • Teachers
  • Social Workers
  • Licensed Mental Health Professionals
  • School Psychologists 


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