PM Breakout 10

Integrating Preventative Mental Health Services in MTSS

with Nathaniel von der Embse

This session will describe the key components necessary to integrate mental health services within Multi-Tiered Systems of Support at Tiers 1 and 2 including (1) universal screening to establish base rates of social-emotional and behavioral risk, (2) problem identification to specify function and skill deficits, (3) understanding the decisional process to inform Tier 1 to Tier 2 intervention, and (4) model implementation processes, including teacher training and Tier 2 capacity building. We will explore practical guidance on how to implement preventative mental health services with examples across settings (urban, rural) and lessons learned from implementing services during a pandemic. A Solution-focused Emotional and Behavioral Assessment (SEBA) model that enhances the efficacy of existing MTSS efforts will be reviewed. Implementation strategies, including the use of novel technology (Discrete Event Simulation and Cost Modeling) that will assist educators in identifying contextual barriers and facilitators to a successful implementation. Resources will be shared, including a best practice guide for universal screening as well as a consultation manual for Tier 2 capacity building.

Participants in this session will
  • Learn key skills from a practical example of the implementation process to increase the capacity of educators to recognize mental health problems including teacher training.
  • Learn key consultative processes from Tier 1 to Tier 2 intervention implementation, the specific tools utilized, and identifying data sources to evaluate effectiveness.
  • Receive access to various materials (i.e., consultation guide, screening best practices document) to promote school-and community-based mental health services as well as a guide for the implementation of universal screening programs.


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