Dr. Dawn Miller & Dr. Pam RadfordĀ Presenting Breakout Session 08

MTSS Manifesto

Dr. Dawn Miller

Dr. Pam Radford

MTSS Manifesto

MTSS is an opportunity to rethink and redesign in order to fulfill the promise of improved outcomes for each and every student in our care. When approached this way, leading MTSS implementation is a complex task. Understanding the intentions and actions to lead MTSS are critical. This session will highlight MTSS mindsets and practices grounded in research to guide the design, implementation and evaluation of MTSS practices. Participants will engage in self-reflection to identify the strengths of their current system and identify next steps in refining MTSS. No matter how long you have been implementing MTSS, a well-designed checklist of key MTSS practices can guide implementation to improve outcomes.

Learning Objectives:

1. Review big ideas of MTSS and key evidence based MTSS practices

2. How to navigate implementation problems/barriers using the MTSS checklist of key principles

3. Engage in self-reflection to build upon strengths of your current MTSS system

4. Identify possible tools and resources to guide action planning

Target Audience

Educators new to leading MTSS (e.g., MTSS Coordinators and Coaches, Administrators)


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MTSS: 28 Years of Research to Practice

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