Dr. Jose Castillo Presenting Breakout Session 07

Where Do We Go from Here? Getting Started with Your MTSS

Where Do We Go from Here? Getting Started with Your MTSS


This session will provide practical information for educators getting started on their MTSS. What MTSS is and is not, ideas for how to get started, and how to identify some initial action steps will be covered. Additionally, strategies for (a) developing a more shared commitment to MTSS and equity and (b) building capacity for implementing key practices will be shared.

Learning Objectives:

1. Understand how to clearly communicate what MTSS is and dispel myths that currently exist

2. Understand how to assess your strengths and areas for growth within your MTSS.

3. Identify strategies for building a shared understanding of and commitment to MTSS and equity.

4. Identify strategies for improving systems that empower educators to make data-based instructional decisions. 


Target Audience: All educators involved in implementing MTSS. Participants should have some foundational knowledge about MTSS, but beginning  implementers are welcome! Educators who want to explore ways to strengthen and improve their MTSS will also benefit.


Dr. Jose Castillo


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