john Vail, Travis Thomsen, Vanessa Buitrago and Michel Cazary Presenting Breakout Session 04

Leading MTSS Implementation: Stories From the Field

Day 1 will consist of a discussion regarding the active role principals play in establishing and sustaining an effective MTSS framework from a panel of principals from across the country. Included in this discussion participants will hear about the importance of the principal’s deep understanding of essential components of an MTSS framework, how to establish the importance of the work with staff, and the lessons learned by each panelist. 

Day 2 will follow-up and elaborate on the information provided on Day 1, including panelists parting thoughts and responses to the participant survey. Also provided on day 2 will be clarity regarding the critical elements for which principals need to be prepared. Finally time will be devoted to sharing helpful materials, websites, and other resources to move forward.

Time will be provided for a Q/A session with the panelists.

Participants in This Session Will Learn
  • The unique role of the principal in establishing and sustaining an MTSS framework. for both technical and adaptive challenges

  • To identify the key elements for successful implementation and sustainability

  • The complexity of this framework along with the unique technical and adaptive challenges at each level of the K-12 spectrum

Best People for This Session
  • Administrators
  • Those who are in the midst of establishing a Multi-Tiered System of Supports and those who are curious about establishing such a system in their building or buildings.
  • Members of ISD, district, and building leadership teams (e.g. central office adminstrators, curriculum directors, school psychologists, social workers, coaches, special educators, classroom teachers) who are supporting the building adminstrator will also find this of value.


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