Alison Dauernheim and Michelle Dunn Presenting Breakout Session 03

What Does Social Justice Mean to MTSS? Doubling Down on Equity

In order for MTSS to truly support the strengths and needs of each and every student in a system, it must be centered in equity. In this session we will begin the challenging conversation of what that means for those of us tasked with developing and maintaining an MTSS that is equitable and socially just, and one in which all students, especially those that are systematically marginalized, are provided the supports they need to be successful. We’ll move beyond discussions of belonging and welcoming to a more meaningful examination of how we build a system in which children have a true, rightful presence. Participants will learn how to begin having conversations around school-wide and district-wide data that elevates equity. Data will be discussed through a tier 1 lens, and the connection between tier 1 conversations and school improvement planning will be demonstrated. Participants will explore ways to look at data in different ways, disaggregating by various student groups, and examining any disparate impact. We will share the steps one Illinois district took embarking on the journey of ensuring systems and instructional practices move towards positive outcomes for all students.

Participants in This Session Will Learn
  • An understanding of equity, social justice, and rightful presence, and the importance of embedding all three in a multi-tiered system of support

  • To examine critical components of high impact teaming structures that lead to effective and sustainable equity-based MTSS

  • The why and the how of interpreting and disaggregating data from a tier 1 lens to ensure our system leads to equitable outcomes for all students

  • How one district committed to the process of disrupting predictable outcomes and achieving equity for all

Best People for This Session
  • District Administrators
  • School Administrators
  • MTSS Coordinators/Directors
  • Educators
  • School Counselors
  • School Psychologists
  • School Improvement
  • Planning Team Members


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