PM Breakout 16

Special Education Eligibility: MTSS Doesn’t Stop...The Outcome is Always the Plan

with Dawn Miller and Pamela Radford

This session will share how MTSS becomes an interdependent system when a team suspects a disability and carries data forward into an evaluation.  Session leaders will take participants through the process demonstrating how commonly identified structures and practices of MTSS contribute to the decision about if/when to move into an evaluation and how the process of determining both the presence of a disability and need for special education can be facilitated in a way that result in a plan, regardless of eligibility outcome.

Participants will explore
  • Understand the fluid intersection between MTSS and special education.
  • Identify how MTSS can positively impact the evaluation and eligibility decision making process.
  • Recognize how MTSS is used to write a consumer’s-based report to guide individualized supports and services.
Best people for this session
  • Educators who serve on school-based teams that make entitlement decisions


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