PM Breakout 14

Building a District Infrastructure for MTSS

with Matt Hoge and Keriann Poquette

The development of a District Team to support an implementation infrastructure at the district level, as well as using data to measure integrity and impact on student outcomes at the school level, is necessary for initiatives to be successful and sustain over time.  In this interactive session, participants will learn how to develop an effective District Leadership Team, install the key components of a district implementation infrastructure to support an MTSS Framework, understand the role data plays in ensuring programs and practices are effective and identify the next steps to take to begin the process of supporting implementation at the district level.

Participants in this session will learn to
  • Identify the key components of a district infrastructure necessary to support the effective implementation of programs and practices within an MTSS framework.
  • Describe how districts use data to measure the integrity and impact of programs and practices within an MTSS framework.
Best people for this session
  • District Leadership and Teams


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