Kim St. Martin Presenting Breakout Session 14

Intervention Adaptations to Intensify Reading Instruction

Intensifying intervention instruction is best supported by a Multidisciplinary team that is overseeing the access and effectiveness of Tier 2 and Tier 3 interventions. This session will focus on Tier 3, the most intensive level of intervention support. A process to evaluate student response to intervention instruction to design either group or individualized intensive intervention plans will be shared with participants.

Participants in This Session Will Learn
  • To list the things a Multidisciplinary team needs to do in preparation for reviewing intervention data
  • To describe the steps for evaluating student response to intervention instruction
  • To outline the process for a Multidisciplinary team to design intervention adaptations to develop either a Group Intensive Intervention Plan or an Individualized Intensive Intervention Plan

Best People for This Session
  • District and school leaders
  • Literacy coach or specialists
  •  MTSS Coordinators


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