Amy Pratt Presenting Breakout Session 13

Exploring Tier 1 Teaching Practices for Mathematics

This session will help participants become familiar with the essential research-based best practices for Tier 1 Mathematics Instruction. We will spend time analyzing the practices and exploring practical ways to implement the practices in the classroom. Classroom video will be used to demonstrate how these practices set the stage for students to demonstrate persistence and resilience while learning mathematics.

Participants in this session will learn
  • The essential research-based practices for mathematics instruction

  • Specific teacher actions that are necessary to enact the essential research-based practices for mathematics instruction

  • Specific student “look-fors” that indicate the essential research-based practices have been implemented successfully

Best People for this session
  • Math Teachers
  • Math Leaders
  • School Administrators
  • MTSS Coordinators/Leaders


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Coherence. Persistence. Resilience.

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