Brian Gaunt Presenting Breakout Session 12

Data-based Problem-Solving Process:

The Neglected MTSS Component

The conference theme relates to the adaptiveness, flexibility, and endurance needed among school leaders and educators to continually use their data to make continuous improvements in their MTSS practices that result in equitable outcomes for all. In Day 1, participants will learn about the critical MTSS component of using a structured, evidence-based, data-driven problem-solving process at all three tiers. Participants will also be provided an overview of the process and how the process is similar and unique across the tiers of MTSS.

Participants in this session will learn
  • To understand the critical role of data-based problem solving within an MTSS framework
  • How to engage in an evidence-based 4-step model of problem-solving process (behavioral consultation model) across all three tiers
  • To identify important school and district level infrastructures needed to implement and sustain highly effective problem-solving teams in schools

Best People for this session
  • District and School level leaders who provide leadership supervision, coaching or technical assistance to educators on MTSS practices or implementation.


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