PM Breakout 2

Intensifying Instruction

with Kim St. Martin

Multi-Disciplinary Teams (Child Study, Student Support Teams) have a critical role in ensuring learners access high-quality intervention supports and are responding to the instruction. A part of the Multi-Disciplinary Team supports includes ways to effectively support educators (general education, special education, para-educators) to intensify instruction when data suggest students are not responding as anticipated. 

Participants in this session will
  • Define the roles and responsibilities of a Multi-Disciplinary Team in overseeing intervention supports (Tier 2 and Tier 3).
  • Describe the five steps for intensifying instruction using a data-driven, responsive process.
  • Distinguish the level of intensity for Tier 2 and Tier 3 intervention.
  • Introduce the Taxonomy of Intervention Intensity and its role in informing intervention selection and adaptations to intervention instruction.
  • Outline district decisions needed for schools to use effective methods for intensifying instruction.
  • Provide lessons learned from supporting Multi-Disciplinary Teams.


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