Amy Jablonski and Karmen Mills Presenting Breakout Session 11

Enhancing District CORE Alignment to Install Equity-Based MTSS

This session highlights the lived experiences of district teams with Equity-Based MTSS implementation. Presenters will focus on high-quality leadership practices to build systemic capacity across districts and schools to support students in equitable opportunities to learn. This session will highlight the leadership, professional learning, and coaching necessary for implementation and sustainability of an equity based MTSS post-pandemic. It will include a look into how to align resources, remove barriers, and support schools to build effective systems and practices for students. Throughout the session, participants will engage with practical tools and reflect on pathways that support equity-based MTSS.  

Participants in This Session Will Learn
  • Understanding of the importance and ways to build an effective district implementation team
  • The journey of creating a usable implementation plan based on infrastructure and needs
  • Leadership strategies to support building teacher capacity and site level implementation of Equity-Based CA MTSS
  • From a district team the learning and unlearning that needs to occur to support installation of an Equity-based MTSS post pandemic
Best People for This Session
  • District Leaders
  • School Board Members


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