AM Breakout 6

Coordinating Successful Multi-Tiered Systems of Support in a Virtual School or District

with Christine Russell

Meeting structures, organizational procedures, data management/use, and continuous professional development are just a few of the requirements, and challenges, of implementing MTSS within a virtual setting. This session will provide strategies and tools to move forward in supporting students who are showing a need for deeper support while learning within a virtual setting. MTSS efforts will be framed within the development of an Early Warning System and strong progress monitoring information that flags concerns while also leads instructors to effective solutions for students.

This session provides resources, agendas, example schedules, and proposed outcomes of various teaming structures needed to provide effective MTSS within a virtual setting. The session will also provide examples of currently implemented interventions organized across tiers. All of this work will be set within a data-driven context where screening and Early Warning System data are used to identify struggling learners early and match those learners to appropriate, and effective, supports.

Participants in this session will learn
  • Leaders will deepen their understanding of the necessary meetings and meeting structures that need to be in place at the school level to support MTSS practices.
  • Leaders will consider barriers and solutions to communication that arise within a virtual setting.
  • Leaders will learn preliminary practices and interventions that have been successful within virtual settings.


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