AM Breakout 5

Leveraging Early Warning Systems to Support Attendance Work

with Amber Humm Patnode

The great promise of early warning systems (EWS) is that they utilize readily available data to help districts and schools identify students who may be most vulnerable to experiencing adverse outcomes early enough to alter student trajectories. One data element in particular, student attendance, is deeply intertwined with all the others. Understanding student absenteeism prevalence, patterns and contributors is a first step towards improving a multitude of student and system outcomes.

Participants in this session will learn
  • Common K-12 EWS indicators and thresholds
  • How to utilize an EWS to support attendance work within districts and schools 
  • How to analyze attendance data specifically with an equity mindset 
  • Tools and resources for identifying root causes of absenteeism at the student, family and system level


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