AM Breakout 3

SEL Implementation

with Michelle Dunn

Attention is being paid to how best to intensify intervention instruction to improve literacy outcomes within a robust MTSS framework.This session is focused on defining five essential practices that are the most critical aspects of assuring the Tier 2 and Tier 3 supports students are accessing are resulting in accelerated outcomes. They include:

  1. Knowledge and use of a learning progression for developing skilled readers and writers
  2. Design and use of an evidence-based intervention platform as the foundation for effective intervention
  3. On-going data-based decision making for providing and intensifying interventions
  4. Adaptations to increase the instructional intensity of the intervention
  5. Infrastructures (systems) to support students with severe and persistent literacy needs
Participants in this session will
  • Review a learning progression for developing skilled readers and writers that is aligned to the Simple View of Reading and Simple View of Writing.
  • Define an "intervention platform" and review resources for how to carefully review, select, and de-select intervention curriculum materials.
  • Distinguish between the different types of data used to provide students with access to intervention, determine if the effectiveness of intervention supports, and provide further information about intensifying the intervention instruction.
  • List the dimensions of intensive intervention that are used to adapt and intensify the instruction.
  • Distinguish between the district and school-level infrastructures necessary for effective Tier 3, intensive intervention supports.


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