AM Breakout 2

Implementing MTSS in Early Childhood Settings

with Amy Murdoch

This session will discuss the power of early childhood MTSS in changing learning outcomes and ensuring that all children are ready for success in elementary school. Implementation of MTSS in early childhood settings offers the unique opportunity to support children from the very start of schooling, to ensure their needs are being met and to prevent later failure. Participants will learn about conducting systems level problem solving to create, analyze, or refine MTSS in preschool settings. The session will discuss how to strengthen all tiers of support in preschool, assessments for guiding instructional decision-making, family engagement in supporting child learning, and understanding/showing impact. Resources and tools from two research projects involving MTSS in preschool will be shared (Project Ready! and an OSEP Model Demonstration Project for Early Identification and Supports of Students with Dyslexia). Key resources & tools include: a preschool MTSS analysis and planning tool, and a free research-based, integrated, preschool curriculum that includes core instruction, interventions, teacher training, and family engagement supports.

Participants in this session will
  • Understand the research and essential components of implementing and sustaining MTSS in early childhood settings. 
  • Understand ways to analyze and improve the current system of supports in place at a preschool.
  • Identify how to evaluate the impact of MTSS implementation in preschool.  Identify some useful new tools and resources to support MTSS implementation in preschool.
Best people for this session
  • Educators interested in supporting MTSS in preschool settings.
  • New and experienced implementers of MTSS in preschool.


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