Lori Hensold, Ruth Poage-Gaines and Kristopher Rivera Presenting Breakout Session 07

Coach Like A Sheepdog: A Story of Persistence and Resilience

Coaching has been described as a gentle, persistent pressure in a positive direction. Systems coaching is focused on the needs of an MTSS framework as a coherent whole to avoid siloed practices and support the whole child. Successful implementation of an MTSS evolves over several years and requires navigating obstacles and lots of creative problem solving!

The first part of this session will explore structures and practices that support systems coaching resulting in a coherent MTSS. In the second part of the session you will hear both a Coach’s and a Superintendent’s perspectives on how systems coaching provided the persistence and resilience needed to overcome the MTSS implementation challenges of the past five years. Day 2 will focus on the application and use of the systems coaching tools with collaborative problem solving for any hurdles encountered.  This session will host a ‘Participant Showcase’ of tools or structures participants have used or contextualized for their own district

Participants in This Session Will Learn
  • An understanding of the impact of systems coaching to support district capacity building

  • Coaching principles and supportive tools

  • To consider a plan for ongoing assessment of fidelity and evaluation of MTSS tied to differentiated professional learning

  • How to use shared tools to develop coherence, persistence and resilience in MTSS implementation

  • District-level application examples and lessons learned from our work

Best People for This Session
  • PK-12 District
  • School Level Administrators and Coaches


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Coherence. Persistence. Resilience.

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