Amber Humm Patnode Presenting Breakout Session 06

Using Design Thinking to Improve Attendance

Given how complex and often multifaceted chronic absenteeism is, educators need multiple tools in their toolbox from which to choose when addressing it. Design thinking can be a powerful tool to help educators build solutions that have a greater likelihood of success. 

Design thinking is a human-centered approach to understanding and addressing important social challenges through the inclusion of student, staff and family perspectives and experiences. When utilized to improve attendance, it allows teams to develop a greater sense of contributors to absenteeism, challenge beliefs, collaboratively design and test solutions that meet the needs of students, families and staff within their setting. 

This session will provide participants the opportunity to learn how to apply design thinking principles and tools to elevate student, family and staff perspectives and experiences to collaboratively improve attendance.  

Participants in This Session Will Learn
  • Increased knowledge of design thinking principles and steps that can be utilized to increase the likelihood buy-in and success of strategies/interventions
  • Increased knowledge of tools and resources to support design thinking for attendance
  • Increased knowledge of how to utilize design thinking to develop strategies to improve attendance

Best People for This Session
  • District and Building Administrators
  •  Student Services Personnel (school counselors, school psychologists, school social workers)


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